Get a grip on your freelancer workforce.

Source, manage & pay your freelancers and independent professionals with our easy-to-use Freelancer Management System (FMS).

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Automate and manage

Select your freelancer and Connect runs the process from onboarding to invoice payments. A SaaS-solution like no other.

  • Onboarding

    Onboard your freelancers with AI-driven identity management. We will handle sensitive documents and data. KYC, ISO27001, and NEN7510 compliant.

  • Contracting

    Digital contract signing. Use our pre-defined (model) agreements, or add your custom agreements as you please.

  • Hour registration

    Track and approve hours and expenses, all within the boundaries of pre-defined contracts and projects. Erroneous invoicing is now history.

  • Invoices & payments

    Integrated reverse-billing and factoring solution. Your freelancers can get paid instantly on a daily basis. Your payment term will remain the same.

  • Organize & manage

    Keep track of contract termination dates, projects and budgets for different branches & departments. No more Excel sheets. No more paperwork.

  • Secure

    Secure by design. GDPR-compliant, ISO27001 & NEN7510 certified. Encrypted storage on EU soil and standard 2-FA authentication.

How does it work?

  • Freelancers
  • Vendor
  • You

Freelancers, sometimes through a vendor, have a direct contractual relationship with you as a debtor. The moment you want to start working with a merchant, we come into action: onboarding with identity verification, verifying company data, digital contract signing, and more.

Once you trigger on-boarding, we verify the merchant and vendor; company details, identity & identity documents, credit score, credit limit IBAN and VAT-number. We provide you with a profile which you then can enrich.

After you verify the merchant working hours, we will create invoices for all stakeholders in the supply-chain. You will receive a single collective invoice per week or month with which we handle all payments.

You can pay us on the agreed payment term. Your merchants and vendors can choose for direct payment, after which their invoice will be paid within 1 working day. With non-direct payments they will receive your money once you have paid the invoice. Either way, we provide credit management for all invoices going through our system and we act as a single-point-of-payment and a single-point-of-contact

Why Finqle?

An application like no other in the market. The best of all worlds combined.

 Finqle ConnectStandard FMSMSP
Automatic (credit) invoicing
Organize & manage
Automatic payment routing
Instant payment option for freelancers (<1 working day)
Extended payment term
Instant payment for freelancers
Transparency for freelancers

Finqle Connect Pricing

Pay as you go. Add unlimited branches, departments, projects, and internal users.

Invoicing solution
€ 0,25
€ 1,25
Price per active merchant / weekDepending on volume
Price per invoicing volume / weekDepending on volume
Onboarding & monitoring
€ 0,00
€ 5,00
Price per merchant / yearDepending on volume
Factor fee per stakeholder
Individually charged for direct paymentDepending on payment term

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