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At Finqle, we believe in providing you with a top-notch service that makes invoicing and payments as efficient as possible for you and your freelancers. We understand that the world of staffing is always on the move, which is why we offer solutions that perfectly match the changing needs of your business. With our advanced invoicing and payment solutions, you can easily do business with confidence. And the best part is that we make it super pleasant and clear for you and your freelancers.

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Improve your cash flow

Our invoicing solutions offer you quick payments and immediate access to the invoice amount. The result? A healthy cash flow. Your people will appreciate that their declared hours are paid quickly.

Adios hours of administrations

Pay your freelancers quickly while spending less time on your administration. This way you have extra hours a week to deal with your agency, grow your pool and find the right work assignments.

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Why Finqle?

  • Automate your invoice flow

    Offer your freelancers faster payments and spend less time on your administration.

  • Anticipate your cash flow

    With real-time insight into your financial flows you always know where you stand without any sudden surprises.

  • Goodbye payroll errors

    Easily calculate salaries, schedule payments and pay out automatically. This reduces errors in your payroll administration.

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The tool is provided and maintained by Finqle, that gave our company’s growth a massive boost.
Oscar Meijerink
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Services & Software

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  • SME Factoring
    SME Factoring

    Outstanding invoices & late payments are costing you time and money. Our solution optimizes your balance sheet while saving you costs.

  • Connect – Self billing platform
    Connect – Self billing platform

    Automate your invoicing process and pay your freelancers directly with our easy-to-use self-billing platform.

  • Pay for Platforms
    Pay for Platforms

    Perfect alignment between Vendor, Merchant & Debtor. A closed loop onboarding, invoicing and factoring solution for online marketplaces.

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