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Integrate direct payments and automatic billing within your trusted environment.

Why Finqle?

Our expertise in factoring and invoicing has led to a growing demand from various parties. More than 100,000 self-employed persons benefit from our services. By entering into a partnership with Finqle you create the ultimate all-in-one solution for clients, intermediaries and freelancers. The result? A reliable partner and a professional product range for your users.

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Automated invoicing

Our self-billing software (Finqle Connect) automatically generates invoices at scale and provides freelancers the option for direct payment.

Direct payments

Finqle engages in American Factoring: the purchasing and immediate payout of invoices against a factor fee. This way, a company or freelancer always receives their money on time.

Manual invoicing is old-fashioned

And that is exactly why more and more parties are using Finqle.

We betaalden altijd al zo snel mogelijk uit, maar kregen regelmatig het verzoek of het mogelijk was om mensen eenmalig sneller uit te betalen. Die mogelijkheid bieden we nu iedereen, altijd.
Jeff Haverlag
Co-Founder Somo Agency
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Thanks to our many years of experience, we have grown into one of the largest factoring and invoicing experts in the Netherlands. By entering into strategic partnerships with third parties, we offer a more complete package without losing sight of our own focus and core qualities.
-Erik-Jan Klinkenberg, CEO Finqle

Offer the full experience

  • You take care of the planning

    And we do the billing. Easily integrate Finqle with your planning tool.

  • Automated invoicing

    We automatically generate invoices and optionally pay freelancers directly.

  • Attract more parties

    With Finqle you offer a more comprehensive package while maintaining your own brand identity.

ISO en NEN certificaten

Ensuring a secure collaboration is essential. Information security is also a part of this. Finqle operates based on a “secure by design” principle, so we’ve implemented a robust information security management system.

Our NEN 7510 certificate

ISO 27001

Our ISO 27001 certification indicates secure and structured processing of (financial) information, IP and personal information.

View our ISO 27001 certificate

NEN 7510

Our NEN 7510 certification ensures a secure and structured processing of medical information.

View our NEN 7510 certificate

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