Direct Payment @ Finqle

Work completed? Paid immediately.

Waiting for your money is só outdated.

Fast payments are an essential part of our service. 

At Finqle, you choose when you get paid.

After completing a shift or project, you can choose to be paid immediately or wait for the payment term set by your client, which can be up to 60 days. With Direct Payment, your money is deposited into your account within one business day after your shift or project is approved. Full control over your income – sounds good, right?


A small fee in exchange for speed and control

To enable this fast payment, we use factoring. This means we purchase your invoice at a small fee. We pay you the difference between your invoice value and our fee. This way, you receive your payment directly and can use it as you wish. Note: depending on the payment term, your Finqle fee can change. The shorter the payment term, the lower the factor fee.

An additional benefit of Direct Payment is that you are credit-insured. If something happens with the payment from your client, the risk lies with us and not with you.


Why do I have to wait for approval?

To minimize risks and ensure that the invoicing and payments are correct, we always require an additional check (approval) from your intermediary or client. Once they have approved your shift or project, you will receive an invoice and the payment for it.


Prefer an indirect payment?

That’s also possible. In this case, we pay you once your client has paid us. In both cases, invoicing and payment are handled through Finqle.


Administration & Accounting

For the factor fee you pay, you can download a purchase invoice separately in your dashboard. This way, you (and your accountant) always have an overview.


Choose wisely!

After approval of a shift or project, it’s no longer possible to change the payment method. So, make sure to choose between direct or indirect payment on time.


Why is Direct Payment disabled for me?

As a freelancer, there might be cases where your shift or project cannot be paid out immediately. This is because we at Finqle set credit limits to minimize risks.

Before offering fast payments, we establish a credit limit with your intermediary or client. This takes into account various variables such as annual figures, timely payments, and the degree of planning.

Depending on these agreements, there may or may not be room to offer direct payments. When a limit is reached, we may temporarily be unable to facilitate direct payments.

No worries: direct payments will be reinstated once the credit limit is no longer exceeded. Our team is always in close contact with your intermediary or client to provide you with the best payment experience possible.

Intermediary? Read more here about how credit limits work and how you can offer as many Direct Payments to your pool as possible.


How come the paid amount is different from what I worked for?

In some cases, you may have been overpaid previously. In this case, we will adjust this amount with the earlier payment. You can always find the current overview of your payments in your dashboard. If you have any questions, we are here daily to answer all your questions.