Finqle x Fleks

Invoicing and fast payments, just as easy as planning shifts

Optimize your financial flexibility with Finqle & Fleks

Our partnership with staff planner Fleks makes your life a lot easier.

After a shift has been approved in Fleks, Finqle comes into action. Invoices are generated automatically and payments are paid out immediately upon choice.

A seamless financial experience for freelancers, intermediaries, and employers.

Sit back & relax

Submit declarations in Fleks

Direct payment? Yes or no

Shift approved by client

Automatic billing (self-billing) and paid by Finqle

Invoice ease with Fleks

Don’t waste time on administration. Everything is automatic from now on. You only receive one collective invoice per week, saving valuable time.

Of course, you can view the invoice status at any time.

Thanks to our partnership with Finqle, you never have to invoice again. Finqle automatically creates invoices once a shift is approved, ensuring a seamless financial experience for freelancers and employers.
-Ricardo van Lemmen, Founder Fleks

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Reduce risks

Fast payments and automatic billing are what this is all about.

But for you, it is even more important that you do not run any additional risks. With our AI onboarding of freelancers you prevent fraud and contracts are fully secured.

A seamless integration

It is easy to integrate Finqle within Fleks. After a short onboarding, you can get started right away. The efficiency of our combined solution gives you time to focus on the growth and success of your business.

Sit back & relax, with Finqle & Fleks

Are you ready?

Finqle Connect Pricing

Pay as you go. Add unlimited locations, departments, projects and internal users.

Factoring solution
€ 0,25
€ 1,25
Price per active freelancer / weekDepending on volume
Onboarding & monitoring
€ 5,00
Price per freelancer / yearDepending on volume
Factor fee per stakeholder
Charged individually for direct paymentDepends on payment term

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